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The First Ever AI based Email Marketing Platform to Achieve your Desired Open Rate & Click-Through Rate At ZERO Monthly Fee

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I N T R O D U C I N G . . .

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Mailzapp is the world’s first and one-of-its-kind artificial intelligence powered, fully featured autoresponder that promises to transform your email marketing, optimize your outreach and maximize conversions.

Not only does it reliably sends out your emails and has a powerful automation engine to automate your campaigns, comes with loads of gorgeous templates for your emails and newsletters, but it ALSO has powerful artificial intelligence that WE have built, which manages your campaigns and maximizes open rates for you.

This is also a super-intuitive, easy-to-use software that makes email marketing super-fun and attractive again.

Email marketing still is – and will continue to be – the holy grail of any online business, and Mailzapp enables you to be perfectly positioned to grow your business using the power of email.


With GoTraffic you can:


With Mailzapp, A.I Technology Takes Care Of Everything, Saving You Time, Money And Stress.


Mailzapp Gets Results For All Types Of Business

Whether you’re a brand new business, student, stay at home parent, side hustler or seasoned entrepreneur, Mailzapp can help you get the results you need with email marketing – and save you $100’s per year too!

If you need better results with email, Mailzapp was made for you!

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees


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Special Bonus #1 ConvertMeToApp

One-of a-kind, premium software that converts any website or webpp into a desktop app (Mac or Windows) or Chrome extension in 3 easy steps. Create unlimited white-label apps with this amazing bonus!

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Special Bonus #2 ProxyMyMail

You'll never have to give out your real email address if you don't want to. Use this awesome software platform to keep in touch with people and always keep your real email address a secret. Without knowing your real address, no one can ever spam you!

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Special Bonus #3 Coachzippy Live

This is the world's only online education system that allows you to conduct both live and pre-recorded sessions that follow a curriculum. All interactions such as live chats, recordings, notes etc. are all stored in one place - something that no other platform does. CoachZippy Live is Mintware's flagship online education system.

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Special Bonus #4 Smart Newsletter Builder

Let advanced software technology help you build beautiful newsletters within minutes. See all changes happen in real-time while this intuitive system makes it super-easy for you to create newsletters your subscribers are sure to love.

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Special Bonus #5 ZappDesk

Taking good of your customers could never have been easier, now that you can use ZappDesk, a smart and easy-to-use online ticketing system. Follow the progress of each ticket meticulously, define workflows that suit the needs of your business and build long-term, trust-based relationships with your customers.

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Special Bonus #6 Notezapp

This cloud-based note-taking system will replace anything that you've been using to take notes, and to follow-up on tasks until now. Notezapp helps you get super-organized with ease.

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Special Bonus #7 Personal Finance Management Tool

Money Matters! Take back full control of your personal finances and budgeting with this awesome software, which lets you track and manage your financial inflows and outflows, always providing you an overview of where you stand with your money matters.



When You Purchase Mailzapp, You
Also Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses

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Special Bonus #8 20+ WP Themes for all types of online businesses

20+ Premium niche-targeted WordPress themes to cater to all types of businesses. These handpicked themes are proven to deliver excellent results.

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Special Bonus #9 WP Super Forms and Pop-ups Plugin

Create attention-grabbing popups within your content. Showcase your article, your buy buttons, opt-in forms, product, or whatever you like. Boost your traffic, sales, email lists

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Special Bonus #10 Instant Video Creator

Give Your Web Site a Live touch - instantly add streaming video to their web site without expensive equipment, hiring expensive services or paying costly monthly fees!

Instant Video Creator is a revolutionary new software that allows multiple users to create their videos under their own accounts.

Not only can you use it to create just your own streaming videos, but you can also start your own service where you charge a monthly fee to host such videos for your customers.

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Special Bonus #11 Project Genius

Project Genius is very easy to use. You can get started with it right away. The software will explain every step in the process, take you by the hand, and make the process obvious to you.

There is a real methodology behind this. You will not have to study this methodology: It will come naturally to you, thanks to Project Genius.

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Special Bonus #12 Instant Article Page Builder

Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Instantly Turn Any Text Article Into A Complete Ready To Upload Web Page! In the internet marketing industry, content is king and one of the best content media is articles. Articles may be persuasive in many factors like in thoughts and on the other side on the design of the webpage who delivered the content.

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Special Bonus #13 eProfit Generator

Completely Automate The Entire Sales & Product Delivery Process For All Of Your PayPal Based Sites in 7 Minutes or Less - No Programming Skills Required! This Could Be The Easiest System Ever Put Together To Automate All Of Your sales site Processes From PayPal IPN To Emailing Your Customers, Handling Downloads, And More!

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Special Bonus #14 Social Media Agency

Social Media Presentation is a powerpoint presentations designed for a Social Media Agency, Social Media Researcher, Social Media Marketer or any type of business related on Social Media.

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Special Bonus #15 30 Cartoon Images

Want more graphical elements for your websites? Create more attractive pages with these 30 awesome - looking images. We’re making them quite handy just for you!

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Special Bonus #16 50 Awesome Designs of Call To Action Buttons

Never run out of call to actions for your sales pages. This pack contains all 50 different call to action buttons you can use on any page you want.

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Special Bonus #17 10 Facebook Timelines Covers and Ads

Are your 10 Timeline Covers and Ads not yielding profitable results? Worry no more! Easy to setup and with PSD to change up the covers and ads with the click of a button.

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Special Bonus #18 100 Personalized Company Logos + Commercial Rights

Get 100 our awesome personalized company logos and you will also get commercial rights.

Grab All The Exclusive Bonuses While They’re Available!

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees