That Draw In Leads Like A Magnet, Engage Them Like A Hypnotist, And Practically Force Them To Convert!

All In One Easy-To-Use 2 Minute Viral Traffic System!

No Tech Skills Or Website Programming Knowledge Necessary,
Totally Newbie Friendly, and No Monthly Fees Required…

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One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

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What Is It?

Quizzmate is a fantastic SaaS with 5 types of online quizzes, all with a drag-n-drop editor that totally simplifies quiz creation. Even the most complex multi-branch quiz for narrowing people down into tightly focused targeted groups is a snap with this editor. Then, just copy the single line of code for pasting into any website anywhere, or posting to your social media. Viral sharing is built in, plus lead capture, emailing through the buyer’s SMTP, and more.

Lead gen people will love how they can build multiple lists of perfectly targeted niches with a single quiz. Content creators can easily pump out sticky content that will lower bounce rates and keep people on-site for greater ad views and opt-ins. This one is a real winner!


Take A Look At The Five Compelling Viral Traffic Grabbers Included In Quizzmate!


The Engagement Quizz

This is going to be your go-to quiz!

Starts with a Yes/No question to draw the prospect in and polarize them.

Then, it progressively narrows them to your desired result, question after question.

Add a timer and you’ll giver your prospect scarcity, plus the rush of adrenaline to complete the quiz on time!


The Poll Quizz

We call this our “Research Reporter.”

This allows you to create polls to collect opinions from your prospects. It also lets them enter answers for questions.

EVERYONE wants to be heard, and you are giving them the perfect chance to state their opinion, feedback, and thoughts on whatever subject you want!


The Score Quizz

Competitors, start your engines!

It’s so simple to set up a quiz, along with the correct answers. When the prospect reaches the end of the quiz, the score is automatically calculated and shown. And they will reach the end... nobody can start one without seeing how they score! Based on the score, you can then redirect the prospect to any lead gen or affiliate offer you wish.

(Hint: These get virally shared like crazy!)


The Surveyor Quizz

This is the “Review Rater.”

Another great tactic for drawing your prospect in for an opportunity to state their opinions!

You easily add in quiz questions with ratings. For each question, the prospect can specify their rating and move on to the next question.


The Response Pumper

This one generates insane response!

This is a simple question & answer quiz with multiple options. Scarcity and interactivity are pumped up to the max with a timer and a spin-the-wheel section.

This is a complete experience for your prospect that will keep them locked in and on task (as you’ve directed them!).

The Opportunity Here Is Amazing


Who Is This Software For?

Generating, Engaging, and Converting Leads Has Never Been Easier or More Effective.

If You Are A…

…You Need These Weapons In Your Toolkit TODAY!

Pros & Cons

1. Step-by-step training
2. Completely protected by 3O-day money back guarantee
3. Need to make a one-time payment, no monthly or any hidden fees
4. Easy to understand and use

At the moment, I am yet to find a downside with this software. Everything about Quizzmate is simply awesome.

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

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Just 3 Simple Steps

To Creating And Posting Your Own Interactive
Quiz With Quizzmate…


Step 1: Login

Log into your Quizzmate account (no software to install!)


Step 2: Select

Select and create your quiz using our easy intuitive drag-n-drop quiz creator


Step 3: Copy & Paste

Copy & paste our code snippet anywhere you want your quiz to appear

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

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Here’s How You Can Use Quizzmate
To Create A Powerful Lead Generation Quiz


One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees




I’ll Hand You When You Grab Quizzmate From This Page.


Bonus #1: NEW QUIZZ: Video Quizz

Your visitor sees a video and then a set of questions and answers. Based on the video, they answer and progress to the next video/Q&A set, as many as you want!


Bonus #2: NEW QUIZZ: Spin The Wheel

Create huge interaction and engagement with this graphic spinning wheel. You can set all options -- what prizes/outcomes are on the wheel, where the wheel should stop, etc. -- the visitor spins and wins!


Bonus #3: 40 Done For You Quizzes

40 completely done for you ready to use quizzes in a variety of popular niches. Use these quizzes as is, or use them as a starting point for creating your own unique quizz!


Bonus #4: VidProfix w/Pro Upgrade

VidProfixPro is а video-mаking plаtform thаt аllows you to turn аny аrticle, webpаge, blog posts, аnd so on into mаrketing videos on complete аutopilot without аny mаnuаl work. Аs а result, you cаn sаve а huge аmount of time, effort, аnd money.


Bonus #5: Viral Vidly

100% cloud-based app is the first of its kind to insert any ad into ANY existing video! ​Which makes this a ZERO Cost Ad system! ​That’s right. You do not pay for your ads.

​Your videos can be uploaded to any video sharing sites such as FB, Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube, etc. ​Since you can use proven, top videos, you will be able to get viral traffic and your ads inside will be getting more FREE visitors.


Bonus #6: Leads Profiter Reseller Rights

Crush Our Revolutionary 1-Click FB Lead Generation And Marketing Automation Platform That Allow Users to Capture Leads Without Any Landing Pages/Optin Forms and Convert them Into Profitable Leads by Sending eMails And Follow-ups On Complete Autopilot… Without the Use of Any Third-party Auto-responders!

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Bonus #7: 7Click Affiliate Reseller Package

This breakthrough new tool transforms your bonus pages into cash machines with just 1 click. It’s the easiest way to make professional high converting next gen bonus pages in just a few clicks. Go from product to 7 Click Bonus Profits Creator page in under a minute. Now we’ve created our bonus page, so it’s time to get traffic. Specifically, 100% FREE, targeted BUYER Traffic.


Bonus #8: Vsuite W/Reseller

You're "60 Seconds" Away From Google

Sending You Hundreds Of FREE Buyers!

100% Newbie-Friendly | Get FREE Traffic | Earn From Home!


Bonus #9: VidMazon w/Reseller

A video-making platform in which you can generate as many marketing videos as you want for your product offers on Amazon. Also, Vidmazon also has the ability to optimize your videos for higher rankings on YouTube and Google search results, thus boosting conversion rate and enhancing your sales performance.


Bonus #10: Commission Trooper W/Reseller

Actually - with Commission Trooper there's no video creation needed at all!


Bonus #11: Vid Kreator Max W/Reseller

New Breakthrough Cloud App Creates High-Converting Videos In 60 Seconds Flat

Simply insert a keyword or paste a URL and watch how the software creates a push-button video



When You Purchase Quizzmate, You Also Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses


Bonus #5 : POINTRANK 2.0

SOFTWARE Creates & Ranks Simple Little Videos For MULTIPLE KEYWORDS AT ONCE ON PAGE #1 Of Google & Youtube In MINUTES & Makes Them Stay Ranked For YEARS!

Plus, Introducing Lead Generation System That Collects, Nurtures & Emails Leads For Recurring & Long Term Income Inside 1 Dashboard.

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Bonus #6 : Traffic Booster Secret

Discover The Top-Secret Tips And Strategies To Get Tons Of Traffic And Boost Your Sales!

Use this guide to solve all your traffic problems and get an avalanche of targeted visitors bombarding your sites and offers... Day in & day out.


Bonus #7 : ImageLinks (GPL/ Reseller Rights)

Create interactive shoppable product catologs, news photography and infographics in minutes!

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Bonus #8 : WordPress Social Stream (GPL/ Reseller Rights)

Social stream use power phsycology to boost your authority, engagement, traffic and sales. As they keep scrolling for best content all over the internet on your site. People will never want to leave your site.

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Bonus #9 : Messenger Auto Reply (GPL/ Reseller Rights)

Automatically reply to all your Facebook ads comments and private messages. Don't waste time going thru each and every comment yourself.


Bonus #10 : WhatsApp Chat WP (GPL/ Reseller Rights)

The best way to build trust and convert your visitors to sales in 2021. Integrate your WhatsApp experience directly into your website.

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Bonus #11 : OptinSpin (GPL/ Reseller Rights)

With Optin spin it’s really easy to get the leads in a different way and attractive manner. Any one, of any gender and age would love to play with wheel to try their fortune.


Bonus #12 : IM Niche SalesLetters (Reseller Rights)

Download 70 of My Best Sales Letters to Copy and Swipe My Most Persuasive, High-Performing Sales Letters!

How would it feel to have 70 of my own high-performing sales letters to copy, swipe, use for ideas, or to even use as a starter sales letter to write your own?


Bonus #13 : Buyers List Blueprint

How Gaurab Build A 34,092 Buyers List, 10X More Profitable, 10X Cheaper Than Any Other Traffic Source... With NO Product, NO JV Connections, NO Skills, NO Big Budget And How You Can Do The Same!

Copy His Exact Steps And Strategies That Went On To Generate Over $6,500,000 In Revenue For His Online Business Till 2021.


Bonus #14 : The UNSHAKEABLE Super Affiliate

Tired Of All The Outdated, Rehashed Methods, Loopholes That Never Work Or Worked Last In 1947? This Is Exactly What's Working Now In 2021 And Beyond..

Inside I'll Transform You From A Regular Or Decent Affiliate... Into A Super Affiliate!

...while Building A Long-term, Sustainable, Profitable & Unshakeable Business Online Promoting Other People Products!


Bonus #15 : 3 Steps To Build A 100k-1M/Year Business Online!

Step 1 - How I Find Profitable $100,000 - $1,000,000 or Above Funnels In Any Niche To Copy And Model!

Step 2 - How to Clone $100K Funnels In Few Hours Without Spending Tens of Thousands Of Dollars In Expensive Designers!

Step 3 - How to Steal Your Competitors Traffic And Customers To Quickly Grow Your Business!


Bonus #16 : 666,317 YouTube Views CASE STUDY!

In this 6-part Over-the-shoulder video course, we take you through the entire process of how to start a fresh Youtube channel and generate real targeted traffic from YouTube!

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You can make a A LOT OF MONEY providing services to clients, local clients with lots of cash in hand to invest in THEIR BUSINESS growth. Make $500-$5000 each sale.

But how do you find them, how do you send them a message, how do you close the deal? And how do you do it all smoothly, without a phone, without revealing your identity too much, without it being an awkward experience? You'll learn everything in this video training."

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Bonus #18 : Viral Secrets Exposed

Combine these strategies with your usual marketing to maximise your results with it. The SECRET code to going viral, confessions of a viral media spy.

1st min


This special Case Study video will show you exactly how you can create videos WITHOUT showing your face and voice to build HUGE, profitable Youtube videos and channels in ANY niche..


Bonus #20 : $10,060 & 6,424 Leads CASE STUDY

How Gaurab Made $10,060 In Commissions & Generated 6,424 Leads With One Of My Campaign! I used a combination of Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, Social Traffic to achieve it.

The strategies you’re going to learn below are the exact strategies he use in his business. If you’re looking to build a long-term, reliable and profitable online business, then watch this 3-Part Case Study and mostly importantly – TAKE ACTIONS!

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The Personal Branding Blueprint is the one-stop shop for everything you will need to know to own a successful personal brand.

This eBook takes you on a journey through the branding process, asking you questions about your dream life in order to make your brand fit it.

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Bonus #22 : StoryTelling Marketing

Discover how powerful a story can be when integrated into your marketing campaigns! This style of authority-building will help connect you with die-hard fans in your market!

Boosting exposure and skyrocketing sales is drop-dead easy when you power up your campaigns with the right story.

Uncover the different styles of story-telling and how to choose the best one for your business easily! Even if you've never harnessed the power of effective story-telling before, I'll show you exactly how to get started!

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Bonus #23 : Pinterest Profits

Pinterest is an image-based social networking site that not only offers a unique approach to the way that people communicate, but it offers incredible potential to maximize your business exposure and brand awareness.

With more than 10 million visitor’s monthly and over 2 million visitor’s hitting the site each day, Pinterest is an extremely valuable resource for spreading your business message, connecting with potential customers, and furthering your brand.

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Bonus #24 : BUYER TRIGGERS (Reseller Rights)

Discover The 10 Psychological Triggers That Convert Leads Into Customers!

The mind is the root of every action and reaction in our world. What we do physically is merely the manifestation of what’s going on in our mind. Our actions are extensions of our thoughts.

Customers, consumers or clients are no different. People decide under the influence of psychological triggers.

While there are dozens of elements that can influence the psyche of an individual, here are the ten most important psychological triggers that convert leads into customers.

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Bonus #25 : Facebook Ads Secret Advanced "SCALING"


For beginners, you will usually start with a low budget to run your Facebook ads. But eventually when the time comes for you to scale your offer with a bigger budget, you will come across problems such as your ad account being disabled, profit margin becomes thinner and things like when and how to split test your ads.

With this upgrade, it will help you prepare to scale your business to possibly 6-7 figures a year!

*Bonuses can be removed from this offer at any time, so act fast to guarantee YOUR exclusive bonus package.

Grab All The Exclusive Bonuses While They’re Available!

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

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